What is Gemstone Therapy?

Gemstone therapy uses gemstones to align and release block energies from the body. Each stone has a unique vibration that levels with the boys aura, which is where emotions and feeling are stored. Each stone is unique and has its own purpose. The gemstones are able to access the seven main chakras and clear out stuck energy. Once the blockage is released then the immune system increases, pain decreases and emotions clear up, and the spirit awakens.

During gemstone therapy the patient lays on the table relaxed with eyes closed, and we uses different gems to feel the stuck energies and releases them.  The treatment typically last about 30-50 minutes. You may feel a little spaced out after the treatment but it will only be temporary.

What is gemstone therapy good for?

Mental: Anxiety, depression, and helps with focus

Physical: chronic pain, acute pain, sprains, acne


Gemstone therapy also energizes the body and mind, frees blocked emotions, eliminates toxins, lowers stress, decreases blood pressure, decreases inflammation, and attracts positive energy.

What stones are used?

The gemstones that are used vary depending upon the individuals vital force, and health concern and whichever chakra feels blocked. Some common stones used are quartz, emerald, black onyx, lavender, sodalite, sugalite, green adverturine, citrine, etc.