The FAA offers an alternative for pilot to be able to fly without holding an FAA medical certificate, granted you meet the requirements. You will need to complete FAA Form 8700-2, which is the BasicMed Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist or CMEC for short – don’t worry we have copies at our office for you to fill out. After your BasicMed medical exam is completed, you will be required to enroll in an online medical course then you are able to fly. The online course is free from these two organizations – Mayo Clinic & AOPA.

4 Easy Steps to Fly Under BasicMed

  1. Requirements: Valid driver’s license & have held a medical certificae after July 14th 2006
  2. Complete BasicMed Exam (CMEC) – Book Appointment with us
  3. Complete BasicMed medical education course – free with Mayo Clinic or AOPA
  4. Ready to Fly

For more information please visit the FAA BasicMed website –

Quick & Easy BasicMed Exam