What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses water to move lymph and blood throughout the body. When the circulation is stagnant, disease arises. The hot water brings blood into the area and helps immunity, and cold water pushes away the blood and decreases inflammation.

Hydrotherapy is used to stimulate vital force and speed the healing process.
Hydrotherapy is used for many conditions such as the following:

Chronic illness
Acute Sickness (cold and flu)
Autoimmune Disease

Constitutional Hydrotherapy uses alternating hot/cold with electrical stimulation. During the treatment the patient will lay on the table wrapped in sheets, with a warm towel, alternating with a cold towel. The towels are placed on the upper torso, and the patient is wrapped in sheets until the body warms up the cold towel. The towels are switched between hot/cold in a sequence. There is a dry phase as well, which is when the electric therapy is done for 10 minutes, which feels like tiny pulses and helps decrease pain.

Hydrotherapy is great for relaxation, boosting immune system, reducing chronic pain, and promoting detoxification.

How often Do I need Hydrotherapy?

The amount of treatments for hydrotherapy depends on the condition, and the constitution of the patient. Sometimes, just one session is enough, however other times several sessions might be needed.
The session last about 1 hour.

What is a Wet Sheet Wrap?

A wet sheet wrap is when the patient is laying down on the table and wet sheet is wrapped around the body, with a warmer dry sheet around that one. The patient lays in that until they warm up the wet sheet. The point of a wet sheet wrap is because it first cools the body, then allows for sweating.  A wet sheet wrap is good to reduce fevers, so it acts great for colds and flus and bronchitis. It is also great for detoxing, and will release toxins onto the sheet. This treatment typically last 1 hour.