At Cascade Health Clinic, we offer a comprehensive 208 food panel that will asses IgG, IgG4 and IgA antibody responses to many common foods. Also, we offer 144 and 96 food panels; our 96 food panel covers five different food categories – general, Asian, Japanese, Mexican and vegetarian. For vegetarians, we offer both a 96 food panel and a more comprehensive 168 food panel.

Many chronic health conditions have a correlation with food sensitivities this includes fatigue IBS and others. With a food sensitivity panel, you will be able to identify the foods that have a toll on your health and eliminate them from your diet. Our food sensitivity panels help individuals not only identify the food that they shouldn’t eat, but also help get a better understanding of possible foods that may trigger certain medical issues.

When you have your food sensitivity test done, you can be guided in the right direction as to what diet (and foods to avoid) that will be individualized and thorough. You will receive a comprehensive lab result that lays out in detail everything (see the sample reports for each panel below).

Food Sensitivity Panel – Sample Reports

208-Food Panel

144-Food Panel

96-Food General Panel

96-Food Asian Panel

96-Japanese Food Panel

96-Mexican Food Panel

96-Vegetarian Food Panel

168-Vegetarian Food Panel