We accept most insurance plans in Washington. You can call us at (360) 793-3883 to verify if your insurance covers your visits with us.

Though we may contract with your insurance provider, this doesn’t always means that your insurance plan will cover naturopathic care or your visit with us. That’s why it is critical that you call your insurance provider and verify what exactly your benefits are and what they may or may not cover with us.

We will do our best to verify your coverage prior to your visit, but it is solely your responsibility to know exactly what your insurance plan will or will not cover prior to an office visit with us. Always verify your insurance coverage before a visit to our office so there are no delays in your visit.

We do offer reasonable and discounted rates for self-pay patients. Please contact our office for the fees for our services or you can visit our online schedule which has the current self-pay fees listed for each service.