If you are seeking to verify whether or not you are in the Washington Immunization Information System (WA IIS) please submit a request for verification. Someone will respond to your inquiry within 3-7 business days to assist you in making any corrections, if needed.

The #1 reason why people are unable to find their WA IIS record relates to not using the name on their ID/Driver’s License exactly as it is presented. In most instances, this is the reason why you are not able to gain access to your WA IIS record. Many times we only enter your first and last name without your middle name. Try several variations before reaching out for verification. If your WA IIS record is correct, you should contact the application or the WA Dept of Health for assistance.

Some people turn to MyIR or other electronic immunization records applications to have an electronic version of their COVID-19 vaccine. During the process you are asked to verify some information so that the application can pull your data from the WA IIS. There may be times that your record in the WA IIS is incorrect or missing and you may want to correct this in order to have an electronic immunization record of your COVID-19 vaccination status.