The Mariner Medical Certificate is a document that serves as proof that a mariner meets the required medical and physical standards to be in the Coast Guard. It also is required to get grade raises if you have not completed it within 3 years of applying.

In order to receive a Mariner Medical Certificate you will need to complete schedule a Mariner Medical Exam. The Mariner Medical Examination and form must be completed within 12 months of the application date. Our experienced physicians at Cascade Health Clinic perform the Coast Guard Medical Exam that comply with all United States Coast Guard requirements. The application is 10 pages long and we ensure that your paperwork is properly completed so that you can spend more time doing your work.

Application for Mariner Medical Certificate CG 719K or CG 719K/E

At Cascade Health Clinic we are qualified physicians that can do your Coast Guard Mariner Medical Certificate (CG-719K/CG-719K/E) which is required for Officers and Mariners with a qualified rating also for entry level mariners.