At Cascade Health Clinic, we offer food allergy testing for those that want to determine what foods they may have a food allergy to, which ranges from mild to life-threatening. Our food allergy tests range from our most comprehensive 96-Food IgE Panel to 50-, 44- and 27-IgE food panels.

The food allergy testing can be combined with our food sensitivity panels, which gives you a more comprehensive analysis and a better road map for good health. You will get a comprehensive detailed report that explains each food allergy response (see sample reports below).


Does my insurance cover Food Allergy Testing?

In most instances, your health insurance does not cover food allergy testing.

Does Food Allergy Testing require a blood draw?

Yes. We do require that you come in-office for the blood draw. It will take about 10-15 minutes. We ask that you continue your normal diet and drink plenty of water.

What does it cost and do I need to full upfront for Food Allergy Testing?

The Food Allergy Testing varies in price depending on which panel you decide is best for you and you can find the prices for each panel when you schedule online (you are not required to make an appointment to see pricing). We require that payment is made in full at the time of service.

Food Allergy Testing – Sample Reports

96-Food IgE Panel

50-Food IgE Panel

44-Food IgE Panel

27-Food IgE Panel