At Cascade Health Clinic we offer a 12-week weight loss program for those looking to shed 50lbs or less. If you are seeking to shed more than 50lbs, we have a special weight loss program that may help you get to your optimal self.

What Does MIC Stand for?

MIC stands for L-Methionine, Inositol and Choline. Methionine is an amino acid that is the basis for our body’s effort to make proteins. Inositol is a substance found in many plants and animals, and in fact is also produced in our bodies to help balance certain chemicals. Choline is very alike to b vitamins and often times it is created in the liver.

What’s the Difference Between 1mL and 2mL MIC/B-12 Injections?

The 1mL MIC/B-12 injection is typically great for those that seek to lose less than 50lbs, while the 2mL MIC/B-12 injection is reserved for those that seek to lose more than 50lbs.

How do I Get a MIC/B-12 Injections?

Schedule your personalized weight loss program today! We also offer the MIC injection in single doses if you are just looking to manage your own weight loss program at your own pace without a serious commitment (though we highly suggest that you commit to at least a 3 or 6-week program).

What’s Included in the 12-Week Weight Loss Program?

Our 12-Week Weight Loss Program includes your initial visit at Cascade Health Clinic where we discuss your weight loss goals, create a diet and exercise plan, then administer your first MIC/B-12 injection. You will be scheduled weekly to get your MIC/B-12 injections thereafter. We will ask that you keep a daily log of your weight and it’s also helpful to keep a diet and exercise diary. At the conclusion of your 12-week program, you will do a final evaluation where we go over the results. This final evaluation is scheduled one week after your last MIC/B-12 injection and usually done through telemedicine. In some cases, people may want to continue with weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly MIC/B-12 injections to either shed more weight or simply to maintain. A lot of people simply opt for just B-12 injections without MIC to keep their energy level optimal.